Welcome To Our Practice!

tuLIPS Speech Therapy is a private practice established in 2008, in the Cow Hollow neighborhood of San Francisco. We have expanded by providing teletherapy services across California.

Our Mission

Our mission at tuLIPS Speech Therapy is to provide professional speech & language therapy services to people of all ages and abilities. We focus on delivering the highest quality services to our clients in a family centered manner, creating opportunities for success by empowering each client to reach their full potential through individualized services. tuLIPS Speech Therapy is dedicated to offering the highest quality, research and evidence based, speech & language treatment plans that are individualized to each client. tuLIPS Speech Therapy provides individual speech & language screenings, consultations, assessments, independent educational evaluations, and therapy. Our professional services are designed to enhance skills in areas of articulation, phonology, expressive and receptive language, voice quality, and fluency.

Come Meet Us

Our team believes that the family is an important part of the therapy process, and includes parents, caregivers, extended family, and friends in every step along the way. tuLIPS philosophy is for each person to achieve maximum success in speech therapy. Each session is designed to provide the foundation needed for speech and language and the boost needed to reach important milestones. It is our goal to specifically train parents, caregivers, and family members so that they can be empowered to affect positive changes.