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How Speech Therapy Helps After a Stroke

A stroke is a catastrophic event that can cause multiple, long-lasting health problems. Strokes can adversely affect vision, balance, cognition, memory, and speech, and even cause temporary or long-lasting paralysis on one side of the body. Difficulty communicating is one of the most life-altering complications after a stroke. Many stroke patients have reduced speaking abilities, […]

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How Speech Therapy Can Help Your Child’s Verbal Development

Many people believe that speech therapy is only useful for children with speech or language disorders. While speech therapy is an excellent option to help these children, speech therapy can also help kids develop confidence, build their vocabulary, and establish strong social skills. Parents play an important role in a child’s language development – studies […]

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Have a Heavy Accent? Learn How Speech Therapy Can Help

Oral communication skills are highly valued in many cultures, including in the American culture. Pronouncing English words, however, can prove tricky for non-native speakers, or those who have a strong regional accent.   Having a strong accent can make it difficult to communicate in professional or personal interactions, cause confusion, and disrupt the natural flow […]

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Does Your Child Stutter? How Speech Therapy Can Help

Stuttering is a common speech problem in children. A child who stutters may repeat certain words, phrases or sounds, or even prolong the pronunciation of a single word when trying to speak. Stuttering can be frustrating for both children and parents. Stuttering can affect your child’s ability to freely express themselves and can even be […]

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