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Neuropsychological Testing

At tuLIPS we are aware of the fact that a large number of our children are unable to receive the benefits of an neurodevelopmental evaluation in a timely manner, primarily due to long waiting lists of neuropsychologists which deprives our children of an early diagnosis. We understand the urgency to have children evaluated in a as soon as possible when there is a concern. In efforts to accommodate any child for a neuropsychological/neurodevelopmental evaluation we will make every effort to schedule within three weeks of referral.

If the referral is for a child under the age of 3, every effort will be made to accommodate the child within two weeks.

The focus of the neuropsychological/neurodevelopmental evaluation is to:

  • Assist in clarifying diagnostic questions
  • Identify the child’s cognitive and developmental abilities
  • Provide recommendations for management and educational planning
  • Follow-up with the families and the service-providers to make sure that the services are implemented as soon as possible
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